SHAMANIKUM Tribal Party at PRIVILEGE IBIZA on Mondays from 8pm

- We Are All Shamans -
at Privilege Ibiza Nightclub
On Mondays, from 8pm

ShamaniKum is a new party concept which incorporates ambient tribal music, amazing live performances and shows, Live DJ acts and musicians and much more taking in Privilege Ibiza Nightclub & World Biggest Club. ShamaniKum, a new tribal party concept takes over Mondays at Privilege Ibiza this season starting from July 3rd.

Following last year’s party novelty in Ibiza - Shamanic or Tribal Parties -, this Summer Privilege will give presence to a tribal vibe with ShamaniKum on Mondays, as from July 3rd.
The new concept that comes to Ibiza combines quality music, tribal performances, rituals and ceremonies that will transform the world´s largest club into a place full of magic and shamanic whispers.

ShamaniKum is a party dedicated to the free spirits, a journey to a most mystical and authentic Ibiza, and the return to the values ​​that once formed the basis of what we know today as club culture: music as liberation, and the feeling of fraternity uniting everyone present.

A shamanic experience centered around the magic, healing and the awakening of consciousness, ShamaniKum will bring ethnic music with live instruments and a touch of deep house to Privilege´s gardens starting 8:00pm , raising the beats of the music starting 00:00 when the clubs opens its doors on Monday nights.

Join us every Monday and you will have the opportunity to live a unique spiritual and sensory experience at Privilege Ibiza.

After midnight the club opens with a Benirrás drum session whereafter the party continues at the immense indoor stage of Privilege, with ShamaniKum resident DJ Kareem Raihani at the helm taking you on an adventurous, high vibrational dance journey where you can dance your soul on fire on the heart-warming & dazzling grooves, deep earth rhythms and vibrant cosmic sounds, on occasion joined by some amazing DJ’s from Paris, still a surprise.


Expect some ritual and mystic dances and resident singer Lex Empress from GLXYCHLD performing on the amazing Privilege Ibiza stage with a Shamanic Show that will blow you away.



Performing dance group composed of El Sembrao, João Paulo Vieira Borges, Chris Tof Junglboy and Paulo Ricardo Vieira Borges, created magical moments during the shoot of the video for ShamaniKum.



The party will continue till 06.30 hrs and many surprises are on the way.

It will be a new & unforgettable tribal experience!

Be part of an unforgettable party celebration experience!

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Monday 3 July 2017 from 20.00 hrs

Opening Ceremony: Tribal Drum Session of Benirras
with deep inner experience performance...
followed by ’The Shamanic Show’ by Alexandra LexEmpress & Galaxy Child DJSet
Garden: 20.00 hrs - DJ Kareem Raihani and ambient tribal music, shows and musicians tba
Club: 0.00 - 06.30 hrs -
DJ Kareem Raihani, DJ Remcord and DJ Juan, special musicians & guests TBA

The one-of-a-kind ShamaniKum party kicks of with ambient tribal music, shows and musicians in the beautiful garden of Club Privilege at 20.00 hrs where it continues till 0.00 hrs, while there will be organic food and energy drinks available apart from the Privilege bars, and where guests can  find some clothing stands Beatrice San Francisco - BSF Ibiza and BSF MAN IBIZA as well as jewellery and other stands, soon tba. Be seduced by different tribal, acrobatic-dance-ritual acts during the whole event:)
ShamaniKum is an experience with a real intention of healing, magic, and awakening of consciousness, where the trip will be spiritual, visual, sensitive, sonorous, of smell, taste and other senses that have never been developed :)
We are all Shamans. Om Shamanikum!

SHAMANIKUM Tribal Party at PRIVILEGE IBIZA on Mondays from July 3rd, 2017